Midwest Meetup Tickets!

Hi all, the tickets for MWM 2.0 are now live! Note that you will need to read and agree to the liability/safety waiver linked on each ticket.

We have secured a fantastic venue to host this event’s GAMERHOUSE, which will run from Sept 1-3. Our lodge is in Lakeville, OH, set on 150 acres of pristine Ohio forest, 100 acres of which are a protected whitetail deer sanctuary that we can camp and hike on at our leisure. The address of the lodge will be provided to ticket holders via the email entered below on the Saturday before the event.

On Saturday, September 2, we will head to Valley View Shooting Range in Ashland, OH between 9am EST and 4pm EST for the Show-n-Shoot-n-Tell event of the year! Participants are welcome to come out, bring builds they’d like to show off and try out other people’s builds! Vendors will join us on the range for a chance to see some cool unique gear not available anywhere else. This is your chance to try out builds you’ve been considering or prove to the community that you are the true Master Beta (tester).

Cleveland and Columbus airports are about equidistant, so fly in wherever is cheaper. The tickets will be available through this site within the week. Cape will make posts on all of the OoB platforms when the ticketing is fully set up and tested.

Only 75 slots are available for the GAMERHOUSE; $250 for on-site camping at GH, $300 for air-mattresses inside the house. The ticket includes food/drinks, OoB stickers, and range access. If you are interested in just coming to the range day, range day tickets are available for $10 at the door.

Food for campers and those staying the GAMERHOUSE will be provided, and includes: Friday night dinner, Saturday breakfast, Lunch at the range, Family Dinner on Saturday, and breakfast Sunday morning. Please reach out to us if you have any dietary restrictions we should be aware of.

Special events: Night Vision nature walk (Friday) (BYONVGs), launcher bocce (Saturday), Range day (Saturday), Music/GAMERHOUSE party (Saturday).

NOTE: this event is 18+ only.

If you only want to come to the range day, but have your own accommodations, this is the correct ticket for you. There will be range day tickets available for cash at the door as well; 10 USD either way. If you would like to join us at the GAMERHOUSE on Friday night and Saturday but are not staying overnight, please add in the cover charge below the range day ticket option.

Midwest Meetup 2.0 Tickets – RANGE DAY ONLY

This allows entry for 1 individual to the range day

MWM 2: Toxic Wasteland Gamerhouse Cover

This option will allow you to attend the MWM 2 Gamerhouse and participate in the 37mm bocce tournament. This ticket includes 100 rounds of 9mm at the range day, at least 3 rounds of 37mm with inert projectiles for use in bocce, lunch at the range, dinner on Saturday and access to the bar

If you want to stay at GAMERHOUSE, you can get the camping option for on-site camping (RV or tent) or in-house (with an air mattress). You will need to bring your own bedding for both camping and the house, and tent for campers. In-house costs 300 USD, camping 250 USD.

Midwest Meetup 2.0 Tickets – IN HOUSE

This allows entry for 1 individual (18+) to GAMERHOUSE – in house, with air mattress

Midwest Meetup 2.0 Tickets – CAMPING

This allows entry for 1 individual (18+) to GAMERHOUSE – Camping

FILL OUT ONLY ONE TICKET! Make sure you include info on how to reach you, because if we can’t figure it out we WILL CANCEL the order!